Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Maintain Revision/Version and some basic information on Form

We keep our latest form in any source code repository like Serena Dimension, subversion (SVN), CVS (concurrent Version system) or any other available repository as per client requirement.

When you open form from front end Application i.e. Oracle E- business suit,
·         It is possible to view the version of form present in application (Latest Version taken from source code repository).
·         Date when last modification is done.
·         Name of the person who modified the form or name of organization.
·         Application where form is register.

To add information like version, last modified date, Name, oracles provide one standard API which we can use in Pre form trigger of the form. So before actual opening of the form this information is already available.
We can do this in our Custom form in any way as per client requirement.
API use to populate Details:

FND_STANDARD.FORM_INFO(VERSION                                 => /* Mention Version of the from */
                                 ,TITLE                                        => /*  Register from name in oracle application*/
                                                 ,APPLICATION_SHORT_NAME   => /*  Application short name */
                                                ,DATE_LAST_MODIFIED            => /* Modification Date */
                                                 ,LAST_MODIFIED_BY               => /* Name of Developer or Organization */

(Note:  It is possible to provide any values for application short name and title, but is you provide correct details then you can see all logs of this form in standard table i.e. fnd_login_resp_forms. This table will provide all login information of form from backend.)

Where to see Details in Front end application:
To see information from front end, login to E- business suit and open you form.
Follow below navigation,

Help ->About Oracle Application -> (See details in newly open window under current form.)

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