Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Oracle EBS Endeca Extension - Error encounter in new Installation

If integration is not done properly below are the list of possible errors which you might encounter :

1.     Endeca Menus are not enable:
Error Message/Description:
Endeca related menus are not available/ visible in EBS application.
Required roles are not assigned to responsibility and grant are not given to the role to view Endeca pages.
Add roles to responsibilities and provide grants as well. Refer oracle note id Doc ID 1614014.1 -> APPENDIX B: adding roles to responsibilities and setting security.
2.     Profile option FND_ENDECA_INTEGRATOR_URL is not defined:
Error Message /Description:
When we run concurrent program from EBS it got error out saying Profile value is not set for FND_ENDECA_INTEGRATOR_URL.
Profile option is not set.
Set value: Clover URL.
3.     Concurrent Program Completed with Error :
Error Message/Description:
Server returned HTTP response code: 401 for URL:
Not able to ping URL from EBS.
 Validate clover login credential stored in FND vault.
SQL to validate credential in FND vault:
select fnd_vault.get ('endeca_integrator_admin','clover_userName') from dual;
                select fnd_vault.get ('endeca_integrator_admin','clover_password')  from dual;

(Note: If there is no data in above sql queries then you have to run script to store clover credential in FND vault. For more information please refer Document ID: 1470151.1 )
       4.         Graphs are Finished but no Data in EBS Endeca pages:

                         Error Message/Description :

 Unable to execute the EQL query that generates the chart data. See the application log for details, or contact a system administrator.
Configuration issue.
Validate , and Studio.log and confirm each values mention to build EBS – Endeca integration.
Check value for FND_SESSION_MANAGEMENT using below Sql query value is case sensitive.
Select FND_SESSION_MANAGEMENT.getsessioncookiename() from dual .
Verify same in and file if any discrepancy found update value and bounces studio manager.
File location:
5.     Clover graph fail to load data for sandbox: AP

Error Message/Description:

                Clover graph failed to load data for AP.


Endeca Aging Template not set to any templatei.e “AP: Endeca Aging Template”.


Perform Setup for Template and set profile option value “ AP: Endeca Aging Template”


  1. We are unable to login endeca url http://hostname:7004/endeca using .please help

  2. We are unable to login endeca url http://hostname:7004/endeca using .please help