Monday, February 24, 2014

Compile and Run Oracle Form on Your Desktop

Compile and Run Oracle Form on Your Desktop:

When we work on Oracle forms Enhancement or new development projects, Most of the time we have to compile form on client server i.e. client application server. And to view the changes we need to login to front end application only.
To learn some small things on oracle form we can develop such form using Oracle form builder and needs to follow the same approach. This will waste lots of time on debugging, to avoid this and save our valuable time we can run and view your form on desktop itself.
Below are to some initial setup we need to perform to view and compile form on your Desktop.

Go to your Oracle home
Forms -> server -> formsweb.cfg
Paste below code at the end of file, to configure your server setting.


Open form builder
Go to
Edit -> Preferences

Go to tab Runtime and define your server and default browser to view Form

For E.g.:

Application server URL: http://LIN07000404.corp.:8889/forms/frmservlet?&config=test&separateFrame=True
Web Browser Location: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe

Save settings using Ok button and try to compile your form on your Machine.

(Note: Make sure before compiling any form on your Desktop first you should "start OC4J Instance".)

Now you can compile and view form on your desktop using Run and debug button provided in oracle form builder.

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