Thursday, March 6, 2014

Create form having one field with standard calender attached

(Note: Whenever you start developing a new custom form first copy resource folder in your local machine and give reference of resource folder to Oracle Form Builder tool. Also use Template.fmb file as reference for creation of new form and rename this file as per requirement.)

Step 1:
Open Oracle Form Builder tool and open Template.fmb file and rename this file as per our requirement.
Using:  file -> open -> (go to Resource folder and select Template.fmb file)

Step 2:
Create new window by selecting Window and pressing ‘+’ sign.
Similarly create Canvas and assigned this Canvas to window by opening Property palette (You can open Property palette by right clicking on canvas created or by selecting Canvas and pressing ‘F4’ button) and in Window field select your newly created window.

Step 3:
Create Data block by selecting Data block and pressing ‘+’ sign and select ‘build a data block manually’. And create one text item similarly using ‘+’ sign and assign this item to Canvas you created in step 2.

Step 4:
Open property Palette and select list of values as ‘ENABLE_LIST_LAMP’ and save the job.  Right click on Item and select “KEY-LISTVAL” trigger using smart trigger and right “ ();” inside trigger. Also you can set specific Prompt to this item in property palette using Prompt property.

(Using calendar .show we can populate standard calendar define in template .fmb)

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